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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Alternate take:

Many on the left in the UK have no shame. Like most things, they need another lesson from Sir Winston on how it's done.
You like quotes? Here's one of my favorites. It's from Teddy Roosevelt:

At many stages in the advance of humanity, this conflict between the men who possess more than they have earned and the men who have earned more than they possess is the central condition of progress. In our day it appears as the struggle of freemen to gain and hold the right of self-government as against the special interests, who twist the methods of free government into machinery for defeating the popular will. At every stage, and under all circumstances, the essence of the struggle is to equalize opportunity, destroy privilege, and give to the life and citizenship of every individual the highest possible value both to himself and to the commonwealth. That is nothing new.

Simply put, Reagan/Thatcher believed the opposite.
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