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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
That's such a stupid argument. So Reagan, with a Democrat controlled congress single handedly ruined the country and no one since has been able to fix it? Same with Thatcher, right?

"It's so broken not even a bunch of other liberals can fix it! It's broken forever!"

...or maybe it wasn't broken and socialism just doesn't work? Hmmmm.....
Their "leadership" changed the direction of both countries, especially in economics. Remember Reagan's "welfare queens in Cadillacs?" They split the population into classes. Romney reflected the change in his "47%" comment. Why bother trying to have an equitable society when half the people are just lazy slobs on the dole, right? Greed is good. Greed brings good results. Those who are rich are inherently good. Those who are not are inherently lazy. They made it alright to be rapacious. They gave their blessing.

Like I said, the numbers don't lie. Since Reagan/Thatcher our laws, regulations and tax codes have heaved over in a sea change to benefit the already rich while wages have stagnated or sunk in real dollars. Meanwhile, productivity has gone up. It's been a grand rip-off for thirty years and their philosophical "leadership" led the way.
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