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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Broncojef View Post
Nah let them enjoy their economy and their socialist President, he hasn't done a thing for the good of this country and seems hell bent on destroying it. Liberals can't be happy unless everyone is miserable with them. It took Reagan 4 years to finally start turning around the mess Carter left us and roughly the same for Thatcher to recover the "progressive mess" in her country as well...I doubt we recover from this idiot. If people are still stupid enough to have those beliefs they aren't ever going to have a clue.
The downfall of America started with Reagan, just as the fall of England started with Thatcher. No matter how hard some ignorant ideologues stick their heads in the sand, the numbers don't lie.

All that Reagan and Thatcher did for their respective countries was to take the idea of "All for one, and one for all" and replace it with the idea that the purpose of labor was to lift the already wealthy to new heights of wealth by any means possible. Kind of like an international Downton Abbey. It's been tried many times before, and always with the same result. In the Robber Baron era of the 1890's critics called it the "Horse and Sparrows" economy, based on the idea that if you feed enough oats to the horse, he'll leave some in his droppings for the sparrows to pick out. Reagan/Thatcher called it "Supply Side Economics." Same thing. It was a shift of values, a shift into classes, like Romney, a direct descendant of Reagan/Thatcher was only too happy to point out. They replaced the pursuit of an equitable society with a celebration of greed. You can put this latest crash of the Wall Street casino directly on their doorsteps.

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