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Default another obama solar gem bites the dust.

Flabeg received $9 million in grants and loans for the facility from the state. In early 2009, the company won $10.2 million in tax credits awarded by the Obama administration as part of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act.

The Recovery Act, also known as the stimulus bill, included $2.3 billion in such credits for clean energy manufacturing projects. Flabeg's $10.2 million was the largest clean energy tax credit awarded to a Pennsylvania company at the time.

Findlay Township received $500,000 in federal money to enlarge a sewer line in the area around the plant to plan for Flabeg's expansion.

Through it all, Flabeg said it expected about 300 jobs to be generated by the plant. The firm's payroll topped out more than 200 at one point, Mr. Lampl said, and had about 70 workers when it stopped production last week.

ba ba bum bum bum another one bites the dust. Is it up to a billion flushed down the drain yet?
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