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Originally Posted by StugotsIII View Post
The dialog is good…but it's better when GRRM writes it…not HBO.

There is a lot to explain and get to already. HBO doesn't need to add their own subject matter to a book (book 3) that is already jammed with information…and damn good writing.

Episode two was slow, and yes…I get that they are setting things up…but after 2 episodes, we really don't know a whole lot more than we did before...
You know where the Hound is. You know lady Margorie (new queen to be) is smart and has a plan. You found out what the half mans dad really thinks of him and you found out Snow has been accepted into the army beyond the wall. You know Theon isn't dead and is being tortured by someone. You know the captian of Stannis fleet is alive, and that Stannis is crazy and totally enveloped by the witch.

Seems like a lot has been revealed IMO. its just they reveal stuff but each time if unravels more you don't know.
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