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Originally Posted by Cito Pelon View Post
Dude inherited a Middle East war, dude inherited an economy in meltdown, so him and his guys have done a good job. Please.
Why is it Bush could do nothing right and you guys continue to give this idiot a free pass? Ever think the Democratic Congress both in the Senate and the House during Bush's tenure could have been responsible at all? Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi...remember every person deserved a house, issued credit to the folks who couldn't afford a house? NBC counted the dead every night on the world news, day blah blah blah of the conflict, Cindy Sheehan and protestors cried on television every night and yet Obama continued the wars, created more of his own, continues to take away liberties, has scandal after scandal everyone ignores and there is no outrage and folks like you are silent giving him the free pass? Is there anything, anything at all this guy can do that would cause you concern?
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