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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
People call her a loser for helping Reagan stand up for the private sector and stand against the Soviet Union. Remember them?

Meanwhile your great leader Obama doing nothing to stop Iran from getting a nuclear device, or N Korea from develping their nukes into warheads that can fit on a missile. Oh but he is making sure magazines cant have 30 rounds, gays can marry, lying to us about healthcare reform, screwing up Libya and getting people killed, slow economic growth, high taxes, high has prices but a really good golf game.
Nah let them enjoy their economy and their socialist President, he hasn't done a thing for the good of this country and seems hell bent on destroying it. Liberals can't be happy unless everyone is miserable with them. It took Reagan 4 years to finally start turning around the mess Carter left us and roughly the same for Thatcher to recover the "progressive mess" in her country as well...I doubt we recover from this idiot. If people are still stupid enough to have those beliefs they aren't ever going to have a clue.
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