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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by errand View Post
there's a reason why the oath a military man takes is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, from all enemies foreign or domestic.

Domestic enemies could include our own government and lawmakers ..... not to mention many of the current law abiding gun owners in America are former military members who know to organize a plan train andhow to use the equipment.
Would not matter if they were former Navy seals. The president would declare martial law and with that any means necessary to secure the government. They would have a hard time organizing when the government turned off cell phone and internet satellites. In fact, it could be harder to organize then it would have been 200 years ago. They were not reliant on the internet and phones back then and they had means to organize where as now days, those other means are not practiced, there's no real structure in place for that.

Regardless - nobody could predict how something like that would turn out. It would be pure chaos. The closest thing we have as an example would be what the Nazi party did in Germany. This isn't some ragged 3rd world country with a few jets, a battleship maybe and everybody carrying an AK. Our government would have all the advantages. Satellites, CIA and FBI intelligence, weapons galore.

What's funny to me is that most die hard Repubs are for more military spending and making the military even bigger. We all already know how big and strong it is now. But the die hard Repubs on the other hand want to have means to "counter act" as somebody said before, our own military.

You can't have it both ways. Our military is already so big and so powerful there's nothing "the people" could do if martial law was enforced.

Gimmie a break. AR-15's, glocks and some pepper spray against missiles, fighter jets, apache's, drones and probably some secret ass **** we never even heard of before.
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