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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
the pace of the show is a little slower then people expect but it doesn't lack pulling you in. What you see as slow i see as just wanting more when the hour ends. You never feel like you found out enough about the story because it unfolds slowly. But while a watch the scenes they dont drag to me. The dialouge is good, the characters believable, and i don't get a sense they are spending too much time on anything.

When i do find myself thinking that i watch even closer figuring that it most be something important, and i just havent put it all together yet. The show has a lot of symbolism and inferences that don't just spell everything out right away. Thats what makes it soo good.
The dialog is good…but it's better when GRRM writes it…not HBO.

There is a lot to explain and get to already. HBO doesn't need to add their own subject matter to a book (book 3) that is already jammed with information…and damn good writing.

Episode two was slow, and yes…I get that they are setting things up…but after 2 episodes, we really don't know a whole lot more than we did before...
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