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Originally Posted by StugotsIII View Post
What did we think of S3 E2?

I thought it was a bit slow, and with so much to fit into S3 I'm not sure why HBO continues to replace GRRM writing with their own, made up scenes and dialog.

I mean, it's still okay, but E2 was certainly lacking.
the pace of the show is a little slower then people expect but it doesn't lack pulling you in. What you see as slow i see as just wanting more when the hour ends. You never feel like you found out enough about the story because it unfolds slowly. But while a watch the scenes they dont drag to me. The dialouge is good, the characters believable, and i don't get a sense they are spending too much time on anything.

When i do find myself thinking that i watch even closer figuring that it most be something important, and i just havent put it all together yet. The show has a lot of symbolism and inferences that don't just spell everything out right away. Thats what makes it soo good.
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