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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
How would reading an article prevent you from forming your own thoughts?

No matter. Both Amerson and Banks are just as much (if not more) of a physical presence than Mike Adams, can cover much better, and are better ballhawks too. Trying to find a big, fast, cover-safety, who can provide run support is pretty tricky. Using a CB to do the trick is an interesting concept.
Amerson would be an absolute waste at strong safety. It is either zone CB for him or move him to FS to where he can do what he does best and become another Ed Reed. He isn't going to get to be able to roam around if he is put in Adams position. JMHO.

If the Broncos want to look for a strong safety and not use a first or second round pick, I think a guys like Shawn Williams or Duke Williams would be great fits there in the third or fourth round if that is the route they want to go. There are some other guys there too and I think Iowa has a DB or two who could flip the switch over from CB to play there (like some have in the NFL) and I would rather see that.

I think the Broncos actually have met with quite a few safeties throughout the process. Have you found any updated resources on who they have brought in or who they might bring in? I think we are hosting Zac Dysert at QB. Another mid-round guy at that position. Almost starting to buy into what we are hearing at MHR about the Broncos gearing up to draft another QB.
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