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I think if he wants to stick at corner in the NFL his best shot to become the kind of player he was in 2011 is in a heavy zone scheme. He has the tools to obviously pick up technique and learn the trade of a press man corner, but I just don't see him panning out that way. That isn't his strength. If a team wants to utilize him right away as a cornerback, he needs to be in a defensive system where he can do what he has always done at NC State.

Considering how negative of an attitude the guy has and thinks he **** doesn't stink, I don't think he is going to be able to mentally handle it if he gets owned in man coverage in the NFL. He has a huge chip on his shoulder. Maybe that will be a good thing for him. Look at what Dre Bly did in college and has a zone corner in the NFL. He had some great years, broke some records, then he **** out of the league. Why do you think that is?

I think he can become a VERY GOOD player in the NFL. He might even be a standout, but I am adamant he needs to be in the right scheme. I just don't see him being a guy the Broncos are taking @ #28. I hope not. MUG is right. I would meltdown. We could do a lot worse though.

BTW, I found the Derek Wolfe picture I drew the other day.
I didn't know he had character issues. I just was curious your take on attributes and skill set. I didn't know you hated Wolfe like I hated Worthy!
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