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Id be shocked if the Broncos dont draft a DE in the first couple rounds. I dont believe for a second that Ayers will ever be a starting quailty player because of his lack of pass rushing skills. He does have a role on the defense in setting the edge, so imo he frees up the Broncos to draft a situational pass rusher if thats the direction they want to go. DE is the only major need the Broncos have that I can see.

A young RB and MLB would be nice, but I dont see either as major needs.

Ive seen a ton of mocks and Im downright confused as to why so many people have the Broncos taking a CB in the 1st-2nd. I can for the life of see that happening with the addition of DMC. Theres no way in hell the Broncos brought him in to be the 5th CB at 5mil, and the Broncos wont draft a CB in the early round to be a 5th CB either. The entire line of thought doesnt make any sense.
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