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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Not that I disagree with what you are saying I'm just still curious why you think he couldn't play press man? It's technique he would have to learn that could be taught. There are man corners with good ball skills and are bigger DBs.. Both Cromarties instantly come to mind. I just don't get the zone or FS only..
I'm kind of with you on this one. No reason at all why Amerson couldn't work hard to become a great press corner, all the athleticism and size is there to do so.

Requiem has certain prospects he hates each year. It's part of his charm. Last year was Derrick Wolfe, and it was the same kind of thing pre-draft. And it was absolutely glorious when we drafted him and got to experience Req's meltdown.

I hope this happens again. I like the guy a lot, and he's very knowledgable, but the meltdown was epic.

So, I guess I'm cheering for Amerson now, though I'd rather it be late in Round 2.
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