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Originally Posted by ant1999e View Post
It's a little more complex than that. I don't understand why it is so utterly unfathomable that a people successfully resist tyranny from a government or larger more powerful military. Revolutionary War, Soviet/Afghan War for examples. Yes, in each the weaker force was assisted by a larger but who's to say it can't happen? A civilian force fighting for freedom has more to lose than a corrupt government thus will fight harder. Add to that my point on the military also being of the people, many but not all would shift sides (national guard/reserve units). Now if you disarm the people, there is no hope.
I don't understand the delusion some on the right have about some fantasy that tyranny is at our doorstep or is around the corner. When all that is happening is that the right-wing is no longer the majority in the country. Our entire system of gov. Would have to be abolished & moved into a dictatorship for tyranny to truly happen. We have a house of reps,senate & scotus to prevent tyranny from happening.
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