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I think Episode 2 was just the second part of the setup for season 3. (with so many plotlines.) The action should start picking up as we go along.

As for my personal predictions (and having finished all 5 books): SPOILERS: (I think the surviving Stark kids are all headed down dark paths. Arya is becoming a ninja contract killer; Sansa is learning all about political manipulation and backstabbing from the best of them; Rikon is already a psycho werewolf; and Bran concerns me the most. He's already doing the one thing with his warging talents that even barbarian werewolves consider an "abomination," and shows hardly any empathy for poor Hodor. Not to mention that fact that Jujuen looks like he's become Soylent Green. Funny thing is that on the other side we have Tommen, who is about the single most innocent youngster in the whole series. He just wants to play with his kittens. Dead boy walking, I'm sure of it.

I don't think Bryndon Rivers is Coldhands, because BR is clearly the 3-eyed crow, and he wouldn't have any need to give himself orders via the ravens. Unless that was a ruse, of course, which I guess is always possible.)

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