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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post

If we don't draft a DE high:
I expect Ayers to start, but I wouldn't be remotely surprised to see Jackson take over the starting role by the end of the season, either.
I would vomit, like, everywhere.

It is kind of interesting looking at his snap counts. They didn't use him much at first, then slowly increased his snap count up to 38 in the first SD game. He produced nothing at all in that game, and his snaps decreased after that.

Then, Doom got hurt against Carolina, and Ayers had the game of his life, as many like to point out here. The two games after that, he was given above average snap counts, and produced one assisted tackle in both games combined.

He got on the field much less after that, and only saw more than 20 snaps once, in the Cleveland game, where he logged no stats except for one missed tackle.

Vomit. Everywhere.
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