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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Speculating on what Ayers can do for the team considering he is still on it makes more sense than a bunch of people still crying over the loss of Dumervil. I would bet that getting a pass rusher in the draft is a priority for this team. It should be. Heck, we should be drafting a pass rush guy every year!
Totally agree with the part in bold. But the thing about talking up or down grading Ayers isn't about crying for Doom. He is gone. And that is that. But he is the piece that we have to replace, and is my personal opinion after seeing him play for 4 years, digging up his college sack numbers, and come to the conclusion that he is not a pass rusher.That is just the way it is. For years most of this board crucified the pick, and bashed on his game. All of the sudden we lose the only player that was worth a lick rushing the passer on the DL, and most start talking Bob Ayers game. Sry... it's just to funny.

You know what I compare this to? It would be like us loosing Doom during the Shanny years and for no reason at all, start talking up John Engelberger as a pass rusher.

Sorry dude... would prefer to waste my time and breath talking about draft prospects with "potential" than talking about what could Bob Ayers do.
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