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The main thing Govt should try and legislate or work on is punishment for using a gun in a crime IE make it harsher. Punishment for straw purchasers has to be made such a huge fine and time in jail that less people will do it. Also maybe instead of worrying about mexican cartels worry more about policing our own gun shops. Govt has the tools to crack down on guns they just aren't enforcing them strongly enough. The notion a law on clip size will make us safer is so poposterous its hard to believe we watch that tail wag at all. Also worrying about rifles of any kind almost as stupid. We have very few murder committed with rifles so its also hard to believe that is an issue.

Now girlfriends and pawns buying guns for their felon boyfriends/friends probably is a huge huge problem. So stick the FBI on it and start busting gun shops and buyers who dont follow the law.
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