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Default Official 2013 Mock Draft UDFA Thread

Are 254 picks in the regular draft not enough for you? Still obsessing over that free safety from Leftout State Teacher's College who ran a 4.34 in the 40? Worried about how you're going to get your NFL draft fix for the next few weeks?

There's no need to fear.... the UDFA round is here!

The UDFA (UnDrafted Free Agent) round is open to all 32 participants of the regular mock draft -- you don't have to participate if you don't want to, but all picks will be included in your mock draft haul and count towards bragging rights.

2008 UDFA Round Results:
2009 UDFA Round Results:
2010 UDFA Round Results:
2011 UDFA Round Results:
2012 UDFA Round Results:

Here are the details for this year (exactly the same as 2012):

1. All teams begin with $100,000 to bid for players which were not selected in the 2013 OM Mock Draft. Bidding is done blindly and privately -- in other words, all bids are sent to me via PM, and the results are revealed at the conclusion of the bidding period. DO NOT POST YOUR BIDS IN THIS THREAD!

2. Minimum bid for a player is $5000. Bids can be made in $100 increments only. There will only be one round of bidding, so any cash you have left over will be useless. In other words - use it or lose it.

3. Please send all bids via one and only one PM to me (BowlenBall) any time between the last selection in the OM Mock Draft and Saturday, April 13th, at 11:59 p.m. MST. Please title the PM "UDFA Round Picks for (your team)". All bids received after the deadline will be considered null and void.

4. Please submit bids in this format:

Name, Position, College, Bid
Shawn Moore, QB, Virginia, $30,000
Cedric Tillman, WR, Alcorn State, $11,400
Steve Russ, LB, Air Force, $23,700
Total Spent: $65,100

5. Please do not submit bids for players who have already been selected in the mock draft. Refer to the Alpha list or the main pick thread before you submit your bid. Any bids for pre-selected players will be ignored, and the team owner will NOT be notified of his error.

6. Tiebreaker: if two or more teams bid the same amount for the same player, then whoever submitted their bid first will be considered the winner.

7. Results will be posted shortly past midnight on Sunday, April 14th.

8. In the interests of transparency, I will submit my own list via PM to JCMElway before the official bidding period begins, and before I review any of the bids submitted. In addition, I will disqualify myself from the tiebreaker rules, meaning that any tie that I am involved with will go to the other team.

9. As I receive bids, I will post confirmation below, along with a sequence number indicating when they submitted it to me (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.).

Priority list (earlier team wins any tie bids):
1. Kansas City (Conklin)
2. Indianapolis (Mediator12)
3. Cincinnati (MUG)
4. Oakland (CBF1)
5. Minnesota (jebures)
6. Detroit (DBroncos4life)
7. Tennessee (Lycan)
8. Buffalo (BroncosfanGuy)
9. NY Giants (BroncoMan4ever)
10. Miami (phibacka31/SouthStndJunkie)
11. San Diego (JCMElway)
12. Atlanta (ludo21)
13. New England (eddie mac)
14. Cleveland (Drunken.Broncoholic)
15. Arizona (TheReverend)
16. St. Louis (Rohirrim)
17. Philadelphia (Arkie)
18. San Francisco (DENVERDUI55)
19. Houston (24champ/requiem)
20. Tampa Bay (Traveler)
21. Denver (GoHAM/schaaf)
22. Washington (Shananahan)
23. Baltimore (Bmore Manning)
24. Pittsburgh (BowlenBall)

Have not submitted a bid yet:
Carolina (BroncoInferno)
Chicago (SoDak Bronco)
Dallas (NickStixx)
Green Bay (srphoenix)
Jacksonville (ColoradoBuff)
NY Jets (MrPeepers)
New Orleans (Drek)
Seattle (socalorado)

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