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Ben Garland

Originally Posted by baja View Post
None of the above. China is behind this.
Agree. In international relations, nothing is as it seems.

China can b**** slap NK any time it wants; but frankly, it serves a great purpose to have a crazy little brother whom you can plausibly deny when you want. (dumb little critter, he is!)

Now, you can imagine all sorts of interesting scenarios to include one other player in this "chinese checkers game": Japan.

How's this one: NK fires **** at US installations in Japan. US b****slaps NK back. Japanese citizens call for the removal of USA forces/installations (ala Okinawa), because clearly if they weren't there then everything would be ah so kewl.

The US has to leave, Japan is now weakened (as well as US pacific interests) and the Chinese push the Senkaku islands for the WIN!

or some other devious oriental plan.
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