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Danny Trevathan

Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
Ayers is slow off the edge. Always has been always will be. It's why his sacks totals are low his entire career college or pros.
This is the issue with Ayers - he will never be a 10+ sacks a season guy. However, he was used as an inside rusher in obvious passing situations, so I think the coaches still like his versatility. he can still generate pressure, but most of the time he won't get the sack

The key point about losing Doom is that it is a bit of a curve ball fro the FO - they planned to try and retain him, and nearly did. So what the plan is now i'm not sure. They could be looking for Wolfe to step up a little or we may well now be planning to draft someone. or both?
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