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Originally Posted by errand View Post
Again it's called the Bill of Rights...not the Bill of Needs

and while I can protect myself from clown like yourself with my bare hands, my M-14 makes it a better fight should the SturmAbteilung come for me.

BTW, my guns have killed fewer people than Ted Kennedy's car has....which means a rocket launcher is just as safe in my hands....why is that you may ask? Because I'm not some nut job/thug who doesn't value life and a law abiding citizen.
Nope I take it back, this is where you went full retard. Didn't think you could top yourself when it came to senseless analogies but you are to be congratulated. You have taken every thing you learned from whatever education you got and have managed to mis apply it.

You keep insisting that infringement of rights and the 2nd amendment are based on your own personal definition of what it should be, but you don't realize that fact. I think you got to too much sand kicked in your face by the school bully when you were a little boy.
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