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Originally Posted by spdirty View Post
Agreed. He is one of the best in the league.

I believe they will. I believe AI really likes it here and wants to be here. Especially if we win our first round series and either win or push hard to win a second round series. He basically said we make the WCF it would be very hard for him to go somewhere else.

Showcase him and put him on the block when he comes back.

One thing to add is that I believe they really need to lock up Brewer long term. That guy brings a great spark to this team, especially when they need it.
Brewer is absolutely a question I omitted. Great point, and another reason I want Masai in charge because he will make the right decision.

And I understand AI may want to stay, but you can never predict how frivolous some teams will be. My fear is some team overpaying him for what he isn't, and losing him for nothing because he isn't going to be giving any kind of discount. The good news is Masai has never let a true asset leave for nothing.

I disagree with you on Gallo tho. He's basically worth nothing until after the trading deadline NEXT year. This was a devastating blow to the Nuggets' portfolio of assets, and their best hope right now is to get him right and hope he comes back to form.
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