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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by baja View Post
Because those pushing the take away are the same persons planning to enslave you for your own good because they know what is good for you better than you do and they do not want you having the fire power when they make their move.
Planning to enslave you? For real? I can understand those who think they should have AR-15's based on how they perceive the 2nd amendment, that's fine. But you delusional paranoid folks who think the liberal agenda is to enslave the American people is down right idiotic.

You want to know about enslaving, the fastest and most simple way is to continue on this wealth gap. The richest 1% gaining control over the nation, it's laws, it's political views, etc.

WE THE PEOPLE....means all the people, poor, middle class and the rich. Once you get to the point where that 1% control everything, that'w when you will see the true enslaving going on. It's already happening dude. American middle class and poor class workers work harder, are paid less, have less benefits every year it seems. The rich don't take pay cuts. The government gives them bail outs at the cost of every hard working man and woman. The rich have tax loop holes to exploit while the poor don't.

If there were ever to be another revolution in these United State, it would not be the people fighting against a liberal agenda. It would be due to the rich becoming so wealthy on the blood and sweat of the poor (sound familiar) and the middle class disappearing while the poor class would become so large, they could not bare it any longer. They would revolt.

You guys are so worried about a few damn guns you can't see what's right in front of you face. You can clearly see how other countries with dictators are governed. It's human nature. They take everything and leave the rest with beans and expect you to be happy about it. They make laws that benefit only them.

Honestly, it's not about the size of government. You guys get so distracted on that. It's about making sure the middle class and the poor have a voice and a representative. When those are gone, and the very richest control everything, all hell breaks lose.

Look at countries ruled by dictators. That's as small as a government as you will find. 1 leader, a few side kicks and military to carry out their every wish. We'll see how long you have your guns when that happens. We'll see how you get to keep anything worth value.

And this is not about Republican or Democrats. Once the richest gain full control, there won't even be parties. It will be a Totalitarianism government. There won't be voting. Just the mega wealthy, controlling it all. Make no mistake, to be wealthy is no crime at all. But when they influence politics to which the likes of what we see now, with the wealth gap the largest it's ever been, and showing NO signs of slowing down, that's when it starts to look really grim for everybody else. It won't matter if they are Democrats are Republican. The wealthy want more wealth and to increase the wealth gap. We already saw how fast the richest can crush the rest of us. The Wallstreet greed a few years back just about did us in.

You should be less concerned about a few guns and way more concerned about the wealthiest trying to control out political system, buy elections, influence laws that only benefit them.
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