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Additional Spoilers on White Walkers, Wights and "The Others": (1. In the TV Series, "The Others" are more frequently referred to as "White Walkers" than in the books. One reason for this was supposedly to avoid confusion with "The Others" as used in the "Lost" TV series. 2. The "wights" are pretty much as we've seen them portrayed in the TV series, i.e. undead. They aren't completely mindless (as in the Walking Dead") since they do retain some skills such as weaponry and -undead- horse riding, and a couple of them early on in the books showed at least a little familiarity with the Night Watch layout and pecking order. But they do appear to have very little free will. They are marked by the stench of decay, eerie blue eyes and dark hands where the frozen blood has congealed. 3. Recently, in an email to a comic book artist, who was trying to figure out how to portray "The Others," i.e. the leaders, Martin stated: "The Others are not dead. They are strange, beautiful ... think, oh ... the Sidhe [the fey of Celtic myth] made of ice, something like that ... a different sort of life ... inhuman, elegant, dangerous." (emphasis added) 4. However, in the TV series, "The Others" in the one quick shot we've seen, appear to be shadowed and "brutish" looking..)

Hope that helps.

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