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Originally Posted by errand View Post
there have been 27 mass shootings since the ban ended.....meanwhile, from 1985-1994, there were 173 mass shootings and from 1995-2004 there were 182 mass shootings.

so to summarize,

before the ban there were 173 mass shootings

during the ban there were 182 mass shootings

after the ban there have been 27 mass shootings

you're the one legged man who for some stupid reason always decides he wants to enter ass kicking contests.
Your facts are wrong........can't have your oown facts.

173 and 182............please....about 10% of that is where it actually was.

Where did this info come from ?

Not what I have seen over and over. 32 is actually correct and when you are talking about women and children specifically........
how many more would be ok with you ?

35, 40 ?

Ass kicking contest....really then why I am winning in Co and Connecticut and polls show a nationwide overwhelming support for most gun control measures ?

If I am wrong then all those peole must be as well and your small minority is right ?

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