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Originally Posted by Jetmeck View Post
What part does a non reading non understanding stupid **** such as yourself not understand about when the bad guys reload they
get taken down as has happened over and over.

So you're saying that a good guy in the middle of reloading can't be taken down by a criminal?

It would have already saved some lives...........

It could also cause someone to get killed as they get taken down by a criminal while reloading (your own theory)

Your minor inconveniences are not worth someone's life,........get it thru your republican ass backwards head.

My life is worth not being inconvenienced......

Any law that would have saved lifes in the past and in the future and is a minor inconvenience is worth doing........

Oh, let's just start kicking in doors and searching homes for drugs, weapons, child abuse or any other criminal activity like stealing cable, etc....sure some homeowners and citizens will have their rights violated but if we find one violent criminal wouldn't that also be worth it? and if not then why wouldn't that inconvenience be worth it?

Afterall, if it saves one life by violating everyone else's civil rights, wouldn't it be worth it?

Mass shootings went after the assault weapons ban was abolished................

Really? From 1985-1994, there were 173 mass shootings and 766 victims. From 1995-2004 (starting with 1995 because it was the first full year the law was in effect), there were 182 mass shootings and 830 victims. Oh, and the Columbine Shootings took place smack dab in the middle of the weapons ban.

Its basic common sense stuff that does not affect your second amendment it............doesn't mention type of guns, size of ammo clip or background checks.

Sure it's right there next to the words musket, and 10 round limit

Face it you clueless rep ****, things have changed in over 200 years................

Yes, things have changed.....doesn't mean they're for the good.
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