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Originally Posted by mhgaffney View Post
The violence we are seeing in our schools and theater is the dark underside of US foreign policy --

We are presently bombing and pillaging many nations -- in a series of insane foreign wars.

None of this is being honestly covered by the obsequious US media. The American people never see the true violence of what we are doing.

So it comes back to us in this way -- the chickens coming home to roost.
The random insanity that propels idiots to kill groups of people is NOT preventable. Changing gun laws to FIX that problem is mis-directed but politically correct. Always "use" that crisis, like Rahm said.

Pillaging? "Chickens coming home to roost"? Wow. You actually think that America doesn't help other countries? Look at our budget and then come back to me on that.
Unfortunately, though, the only thing our Government is really good at is taking more of our money and doing little with it but help themselves. You need to get real, here. Throwing out talking points from the democratic party does nothing but create hatred between groups of people....divide and conqure, baby.

In the 4 years since BHO ramping up his golfing and expensive vacations, the US finds itself in the following situation:
  • the world hates us more than they did when he started.
  • our economy is in the worst ****hole since the depression
  • unemployment is around 15 percent ...IF you count those that completely gave up looking

Is this the hope or the change part? ...and when are HIS chickens going home?
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