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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
The founding fathers drafted the U.S. Constitution to limit the power of the federal government and to preserve the individual, unalienable rights of U.S. Citizens, specifically so they may protect themselves from a tyrannical central government and other criminals.

One of those rights is enumerated in the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights, and it grants individuals the right to keep and to bear arms.

How inconvenient for the Obama administration and the rest of the liberal progressives.
So tell me, O Great Brain: What's a "well regulated militia"? There is a difference between a militia and "individuals".

If the government wanted to do "whatever" to you, they would federlize the Guardsmen and have them do whatever. I guarantee you the Guardsmen would overtake any person or group of persons who have assault rifles. Not a problem. Therefor all the gobblygook about protecting oneself against the centralized Government is so much fantasy and BS. ("Hey, Karl: Big showdown coming at City Park. Bring your Bushie. REMEMBER RUBY RIDGE! REMEMBER WACO! REMEMBER YOUR FLASKS!")

So, what other reason would you want a Bushmaster? To kill Deer? Those Brainless arguments about stopping the Feds are laughable and idiocy at its best.
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