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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
What exactly does "Palestine" wish to go back to? The British mandate? Should we resurrect the Ottoman Empire for them? I'd love to bring back the Byzantines myself.

At least Israel was Israel at one point in time. Erecting a fictional Arab nation where one never existed just to displace the Jews who live there? What good is that going to do?
You need to bone up on the actual history. You sound like Faux news.

The "fictional Arab nation" sounds like a Zionist sound byte.

FYI, the Palestinians are the indigenous residents of Palestine. Their ancestors were the original Canaanites and yes Hebrews of the region.

The Israelis, by contrast (95+% of them) are the progeny of converts -- with no native ties to Palestine.

There is more Jewish blood in the veins of the Palestinians than the Israeli Jews who cite Scripture as their deed to the land.

On this basis they engaged in systematic ethnic cleansing, murder, rape, bulldozed homes and villages, poisoned ancestral Arab wells, ripped up the Arab olive groves, stole the Jaffa orange groves, and are presently siphoning off the underground water from the Arab West Bank.

This list of Israeli crimes is by no means comprehensive.

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