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Originally Posted by Heyneck View Post
Lol... the dude has 6 sacks in 4 season. He has played all over the defense and hasn't been able to generate sacks at any of them. He can't get to the QB. End of story. You either have it as a pass rusher or you don't. Even his college sack numbers sucked.

A player like Doom can rush the QB from any spot on D. That's why he owned OLD in 3-4 and DE in a 4-3. Heck... I bet he could apply pressure on the QB and sack him playing him DT in stunt situations.

No... Ayers never had a game where he out shined Doom. Maybe when Doom missed a game he became a little more noticeable.
Gotta love the zero sum approach to reading adverse opinions. There is no way that talking up Ayers could be anything but insulting Doom.
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