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Originally Posted by Bigdawg26 View Post
Fox news just isn't my cup of tea. It finds reasons to bash the president whatever he does. He can say "Please pass the salt" and they find fault with it. So what your saying is that ALL other media outlets (MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, and CNN) are wrong and liberal, and Fox News is the only one right??
I think he is saying the only reason fox news exists is because of those other networks. There bias towards the left forced the right to start a network of its own.

You realize how many times the left news agencies have been caught doctoring tape and video right? Cmon that is no accident. Like wise I am sure fox has done it also. I do laugh sometimes when i watch fox and they are obviously pushing the rights agenda. But i see it just as much the other way on virtually all the other networks. CBS and MSNBC being really bad.
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