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Missed this thread yesterday. But the line graph showing New Jersey as a low gun/violent crime state is completely wrong. I live by Newark; there are murders constantly. And the ones that have the guns are the criminals that don't follow any laws anyway.

Can't trust any "facts" posted by abc, nbc, cbs, msnbc, cnn, yahoo, google, etc. They are propoganda machines, not media/news. Thus, the data the post is false. It has been proven to be so. For those of you libs who desire a communist country you should stop whining all the time, you're getting what you want.

The main point behind allowing citizens to have guns was to provide a means for protection against the government should it become too powerful and controlling. So what's happening now? Higher taxes to suppoer the entitled people who never work, can't drink large sodas, can't smoke, etc. Only the criminals live free. And as soon as the libs steal the guns there is no defense against the USSA.
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