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Elway would have WON multiple Super Bowls on any of the teams that: Montana 49'ers (stacked team top to bottom offence and defense), Marino Dolphins (WR's you cant over throw with run n gun offence), Brady Patriots (admit it football has changed drastically in favor of QB's 1983 vs. 2000 add that with outstanding head coach).

But can you tell me that any of them could have taken an underdog Broncos team to FIVE Super Bowls? John mother****ing Elway is by far the greatest QB of all time. With his arm, legs and swagger her could do amazing things in today's NFL.
I agree, Elway missed 15 games in his career due to injury. Montana missed over 2 years worth of games due to injury. How do you think Montana would have fared behind Denver's offensive line?

Put Montana in Denver and he doesn't win one Superbowl.

Put Elway in S.F. and they win 4 to 5 SBs under him

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