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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by baja View Post
Bravo Bravo Bravo

It warms my heart to see a young officer of the law who is both awake to the problem and brave enough to make his statement while in uniform. I pray there are many move officers of the law that see through the systematic attack on the freedoms of this great nation.

I salute you Patriot!
I think it's disgusting actually. I don't think officers while on duty showcasing non-partisan views is good for anybody. How would you like it if a liberal sheriff pulled your over because he saw a Republican bumper sticker on your car and gave you the works no matter how your driving was. And vice versa (Republican cop giving a Dem the business). It's not a good thing. If they want to be one way or the other on their own time that is fine. While on duty, be a cop, not a politician. The badge doesn't belong to Republicans or Democrats. To protect and serve means to protect and serve the people, not a political view or agenda.
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