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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Baja he married an Indonesian girl. The live mostly in Singapore but will retire in Thailand. Hell he has like almost .25 miles of beach! My thing is America is my home and i only like to visit other places. It's a whole other world though over there though. Cmon though we both know if the world really did go to hell in a handbasket countries like Russia, China, USa would use their military to take what they need.

Thailand, Mexico, they haven't the strength to keep anything if the world ever really went into some sort of complete chaos that ruined the lives of people in those countries.

You know that right?
Depends entirely on your family / community that is the real support system for the coming times. If you are rural, off the grid and have land with neighbors that also have land that you have long standing relationships with that is the best case scenario.
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