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Marvin Austin

Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
A spade is a spade. He offered no solutions at all. Just more divisiveness and hot air. Not going to lick his balls and crown him king. You guys can do that. Let the circle jerk commence.

And yes, I have a college degree. Most people who aren't piles of **** do.
Why would you expect him to give a solution to your conceived problem?

Let me ask you.... What is the solution?

Personally in my opinion, there is not a solution. Do you have any idea how many millions of guns legal and illegal are in the hands of the people of the United States. The crap that the politician are spewing is just nonsense to appease the weak minded to make them feel good about their every day life. People that own large clips, automatic weapons and such are not going to be turning them over no matter what law is passed.

Every gun owner I know have had this same conversation and let me tell you, not a single one of them give a rats ass what congress passes as law, they are all keeping all of their weapons.
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