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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Sheriff made some good points, but when on a lot of tangents and logical fallacies and doesn't offer any solutions himself. Just tries to regurgitate big words and repeats himself. Overly verbose. Wanna get real, Sheriff? Come up with some solutions on your own or actually state them instead of blaming Obama and leftist politicians using fear mongering, which was pretty much what your whole video was. Lol. What a turdlicker.
Nah, he made some very lucid points but the fact is liberals don't want to hear solutions outside of more laws that only affect the general population and not the criminal element. He stated how the shootings in Connecticut were done by someone who killed his mother and then took her guns to perpetrate the crime. So, the crazy kid killed someone in order to kill others. So crazy kid started the mass killings by committing a crime. That crime was "don't murder" but that's exactly what the kid did in order to commit other killings. Again, broken law. The cop in the video also says punish the criminals and he then gives an example of how taking away capital punishment for a violent offender while at the same time enacting punitive punishment for the general populice is backwards thinking.

Now you are calling him names, again, a typical liberal response when you don't agree with someone else. Congrats again, Mr. College Degree guy.
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