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I'm still scratching my head as to why Reid thinks Alex Smith fits his type of throw heavy offense... my best guess is he will have to design his offense around Smith's strengths which means a conservative dink and dunk type of offense. Maybe Reid will run the ball more with Charles on the team and open up the passing lanes this way, who knows? It's all a mystery right now IMHO.
KC radio explained this perfectly.

Alex Smith is very effective throwing the short and intermediate routes. He's capable of throwing downfield pretty well, but it isn't a strength by any means.

The WCO that Reid runs is like Bill Walsh's WCO, which is built primarily on short and horizontal passes to stretch the defense out to create lanes for the RB and holes in the middle for WR's.

Alex Smith is a very accurate passer in that role and fits it extremely well. It is more of a "dink and dunk" system, but it works.

The Patriots do a lot of horizontal passes as well in the same strategy, but if I had to compare it to a certain system than ironically I'd compare it to what Todd Haley did last year in Pittsburgh.

He ran that dink and dunk style with Big Ben and even though Steeler fans were skeptical about it, Big Ben had one of his best and most efficient seasons last year.

I think the plan is to run that style this year. It helps when you have Jamaal Charles and Dwayne Bowe to get some YAC. That is afterall what made Cassel look so good in 2010.
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