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Originally Posted by Swedish Extrovert View Post
The data sample is still in the hundreds of thousands, which is plenty of data to make an argument. THe whole data cluster is borrowed fro ma sample size of 300 million. I'd say it's pretty reliable.
It's the conclusions from the data that I think are what will be wrong. Again, it shows Wyoming at the top of the graph so it's saying that Wyoming has the most gun deaths from guns due to the most gun ownership. But the reality is that even though there are more guns per capita in Wyoming, there's not more violent crime. Yes, people tend to commit suicide in Wyoming (you should see this place, it's depressing as hell) and there are more suicides in places like Montana and Colorado. This of course is due to the fact that people move to the mountains, thinking they are going to change there lives and live happily ever after and then reality hits, they get depressed and kill themsleves. A lot of the time with guns.

In other words, Mother Jones wants everyone to draw conclusions from their chart that may not be reality.
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