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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
This has to be the most naive post I've ever seen on this website. Ya I'm sure the NYtimes msnbc etc loves to report something that favors a conservative point of view.
I disagree, and therefore I'm naive. I can't believe I let myself get sucked into one of these again. It'll be yet another argument in which facts are refuted with feelings, and the whole thing just goes nowhere. I just wich Mock were hear to threaten to hit me in the face with a rifle.

It took me 3 seconds to type in "" and find this, right on the front page.

It pretty much outlines Boehners view, and directly quotes him. I have no idea how you spin this to be somehow be "liberally biased". This from what is supposedly the liberal answer to Fox news.

Oh right above it?

Which is an article describing a controversy that puts Obama in a negative light. Something they could have easily buried or ignored, yet it's right in the damn center.

Many conservatives just don't seem to understand how extreme their viewpoints really are. They interpret EVERYTHING to have a liberal bias, because the facts simply don't line up with their worldview. A positive story about Obama? LIBERAL BIAS! A positive story about the economy? LIBERAL BIAS! Anything positive anywhere at all? LIBERAL BIAS!


Whatever, I long ago decided that I will no longer argue with brick walls. I'm leaving this thread, I have bigger things to do with my life.
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