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Originally Posted by enjolras View Post
Don't get me wrong.. the rest of the whole thing is completely and fantastically retarded. The "liberal media conspiracy" is a complete myth. This is a media that essentially turned on Al Gore during a presidential election, gave Bush a free pass on fact checking ahead of the Iraq war, and routinely gives conservative positions "equal time" no matter how ridiculous they are (reporting the "controversy" on global warming springs to mind).

The incredibly shrill far right has developed a bizarre victimization complex. I guess it's just too hard being a white man in this country.
Depends on who you ask. MSNBC veers left and FOX veers right. CNN is fluff. BBC is good, but it's never on. Print media trends left, with a couple exceptions and radio media trends right with a couple of exceptions.

The bottom line is that ALL media is funded by advertising, so they're all going to trend towards pushing a corporate agenda. I don't think that is either right or left. Every company that advertises is trying to grab as much as they can - corporate welfare - but the right plays into it just as much.

It's bad for the economy in the long-run.
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