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People talking about the mainstream media and pointing fingers (like in this thread) are the the ones that have the "problem" and are encouraging it. Too many people with many proud biases who lean and cling on certain issues to justify their stances and beliefs when they fail to realize a full-scale reform at the federal level of this country is needed. Anyone in here actually taken a course or done serious research about bias in the media and the prism(s) it encompasses from an ideological standpoint? And JFC, most places that report the media don't "shy" away from having a bias. They know they do. . .

Instead of running to FAUX, MSNBC and all those other shill organizations, try actually getting involved in the political process, locally or at a state level (or anything with some sort of structure) and actually find out how **** works. Read a book, get an education and understand how **** actually works. Unfortunately, our country is one of the least educated populations in the "first world" in regards to civics and we have created a culture where people give more ****s about American Idol than they would ever care about understanding their role in government or place in the country.

Dumb****s everywhere.
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