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Originally Posted by 55CrushEm View Post
This. We always play Arizona and San Fran, it seems. The league must try to minimize travel for preseason. Now, if we play San Fran, we could play Oakland or KC too......but obviously, division teams are to be avoided in the preseason, or any team you play in the regular season, for that matter.

Although, I do believe at one time it was possible for teams to face in the preseason and regular season. It probably still, is. When we are set to play the NFC West again in 2014......we might face some of those teams again in the preseason for the short travel.....but probably not all of them like we are this year.
Dallas is anther NFC team we seem to play pretty regularly in the preseason and again, I think it's about the travel distance between the two cities. But the team we play the most in preseason is Arizona.
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