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Originally Posted by schaaf View Post
I'm curious as to what your take on the political influence is in Colorado guys. I'm assuming its a lot like Montana in that the people that have lived there their whole lives are pretty traditional and for the most part are on the conservative side and the influx of californians and college students to the western state has really affected the political situation in Montana
Yep, you got it. The problem is so many people (especially women) are easily influenced by what they watch on TV, and what they read in the newspaper. All the major media outlets are controlled by the progressive liberal machine, and they bombard you with it constantly every single day...from the morning news to the nightly news.

When Bush was in office, every single news story was about the war in Afghanistan. Now, every single news story is about banning guns, even though Colorado has the lowest homicide rate of any state. They even bring up 2-year old murders, if they aren't talking about Aurora Theater.

Every story they do is made in order to twist public sentiment towards their agenda, whether it's "free" B/C's, gay marriage, banning guns, global warming, etc. It's all about increasing their power and controlling people.

I had hope for Colorado, all the way up until the 2012 elections. Now I don't. Welfare states create dependency that spreads like a disease.
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