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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Alkemical, thanks for the updates.

What do you know about certain foods grown/produced that contribute to auto-immune diseases? Especially stuff with gluten.
Gluten is very problematic and a good start. But animal protein is of primary concern IMO. There are many different food based healing programs out there. People are healing all kinds of crazy stuff with food. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, psychological disorders, anything. The body is a miraculous thing once you eliminate the toxins and poisons. There's different programs and who knows which one is best for healing, if that exists, but whole food plant based diet with no meat, dairy or gluten is pretty much the standard commonality with them all. Think about nature, pollute an area and it becomes a toxic waste, remove the waste and stop polluting the area and it will repair itself and be thriving again in no time.

Research these guys, I'm sure most of them have experience with auto-immune disease.
Rip Esselstyn
Dr. John McDougall
Dr. Neal Barnard
Doug Graham
Gabriel Cousins
Brian Clement has a wealth of knowledge, here's their page on auto-immune.

This is the guy that runs that site, highly recommend this video.

Here's a few more good ones.

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