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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
I agree. My initial reaction after the Combine was early 2nd round. It was so catastrophic, but his tape is so good. Same with Jarvis Jones. I just can't drop these guys out of the 1st Round, hell, I can't even drop them out of the first 15-20 selections now. Once the handful of elite players go, these two just stare you in the face so hard. And that tape and production is so tasty.

Moore apparently is going to try and do another workout before the draft. We'll see how that goes. At least he's trying I guess.
Jones is not my favorite guy in this draft either. His tape is right there in front of people, and he gets schemed into plays and all the other talent around him soaks up the responsibility (Especailly Cornellius Washington). How many times does he make a play unblocked? How many times is it because the defense gets outschemed and is late to react to him, not because he did anything spectacular.

He reminds me of Jamal Anderson DE out of Arkansas a few years ago. Everybody looked at his tape and numbers and thought he was a top 10 DE. They failed to realize he always got matched up one on one with the weakest OL and Arkansas ran a true 5-2 defense to keep him from getting doubled. That DC certainly used his talent to create mismatches and Anderson looked all world. However, no one took into account that he was not going to get that in the NFL, and he never learned how to play DE on either side straight up or how to handle a double team. He was simply a product of the scheme.

Jones reminds me of that. He struggles mightily if someone blocks him in all phases of the game. He even gets washed completely out of the play a lot because he gambles someone is going to protect him every snap. Worked at Georgia, but he will not be that free ever in the NFL. Looks all world from his highlight reel, but scares the crap out of me as a DC who needs a player who can play his responsibility at the NFL level.

I hope he can be a playmaker at the next level, I hate to root against a kid. He is buyer beware in my book though and a product of the scheme.
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