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Originally Posted by Bigdawg26 View Post
If we can get him in the second that would be awesome! But I doubt it though. I would rather get him in the 1st. I don't think we will get that CB from Houston because I think Denver wants bigger CB's if they do get one. However, I still want Cyrien or Eric Reid at safety and RB in the third.
Cyprien is likely to go 25ish after his numbers at the combine and etc.
it would not shock me to see the Ravens grab him to replace Reed.

Moore i just can't see falling to the 2nd. he's just too productive and his tape is too good to warrant falling out of the first. he won't go top 5 like initially expected but some team is gonna get a player. honestly i feel he would be perfect for Denver. he and Von would push each other so much they might start meeting at the QB and trying to knock the other away to get a solo sack.
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