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If someone with the means chooses not to get SS or medicare ,fine. They still should pay into it.
Rick Scott gov. of fl didn't accept obamacare for the longest time because he was trying to privatize Medicaid. It wasn't until it became apparent that he wouldn't succeed that he gave in to obamacare. I'm sure he wasn't the only one.
Secondly there is no basis that if 2 people out of a hundred don't go on these programs that it will shrink to just those who need it. What would happen is that it would shrink to the point where it helps nobody.
that's exactly the point. SS is not a safety net program, its a national pension program adminstered by a government that is headin toward default. It is no different than any private pensions that went awry, too many people receiving, not enough paying in anymore..

All citizens should support our safety net programs, but not everybody should be on them.
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